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        Industry News

        • Post time: 12-03-2021

          In 1987, Rudy Beckers installed the world’s first proximity sensor in his Mazda 323. This way, his wife would never again have to get out of the car to give directions. He took a patent on his invention and was officially recognized as the inventor in 1988. From then on he had to pay 1,000 ...Read more »

        • Post time: 11-30-2021

          In its Review of Maritime Transport for 2021, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said that the current surge in container freight rates, if sustained, could increase global import price levels by 11% and consumer price levels by 1.5% between now and 2023. 1#.Due to strong...Read more »

        • Post time: 11-22-2021

          Revenue of the global semiconductor market is forecast to grow by 17.3 percent this year versus 10.8 percent in 2020,according to a report from International Data Corp, a market research company.   Chips with higher memory is driven by their wider use in mobile phones, notebooks, servers, au...Read more »

        • Post time: 11-01-2021

          Advanced emergency braking (cars, vans) Alcohol interlock installation facilitation (cars, vans, trucks, buses) Drowsiness and attention detection (cars, vans, trucks, buses) Distraction recognition / prevention (cars, vans, trucks, buses) Event (accident) data recorder (cars, vans, trucks, buses...Read more »

        • Post time: 10-29-2021

          Volkswagen cut its outlook for deliveries, toned down sales expectations and warned of cost cuts,   as a shortage of computer chips caused the world’s No 2 carmaker to report lower-than-expected operating profit for the third quarter.   VW, which has outlined an ambitious plan to ...Read more »

        • Post time: 10-27-2021

          In order to cope with the continuous price increase of raw materials such as copper, gold, oil and silicon wafers, IDMs such as Infineon, NXP, Renesas, TI and STMicroelectronics are preparing to increase the quotations of automotive chips in 2022 by 10%-20%. “Electronic Times” quoted ...Read more »

        • Post time: 10-22-2021

          On October 19, the onshore and offshore RMB both appreciated, and the RMB rose above the 6.40 important psychological barrier against the US dollar, the first time since June this year. On October 20, the onshore RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar opened 100 points higher and broke the 6....Read more »

        • Why is there a chip shortage?
          Post time: 10-05-2021

          1.What are the automotive chips?What are the automotive chips? Semiconductor components are collectively referred to as chips, and automotive chips are mainly divided into: functional chips, power semiconductors, sensors, etc. Functional chips, mainly for infotainment systems, ABS systems, etc.; ...Read more »

        • Post time: 09-27-2021

          Dear Customer: Perhaps you have noticed that the recent”dual control of energy?consumption policy of the Chinese government, which has a certain pact on the production capacity of some manufacturing companies, and the delivery of orders in some industries has to be delayed In addition, the ...Read more »

        • Summary of the development of the new energy automobile industry from 2020 to 2021
          Post time: 06-28-2021

          a.The automotive industry as a whole faces a stagflation bottleneck After more than 20 years of high growth, the Chinese auto market has entered a period of micro-growth in 2018, and has entered an adjustment period. It is expected that this adjustment period will last about 3-5 years. During th...Read more »

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