• The difference between wireless and wired parking sensor

    From the point of view of the connection mode of the parking sensor, it can be divided into two types: wireless and wired. In terms of function, the wireless parking sensor has the same function as the wired parking sensor. The difference is that the host and display of the wireless parking sensor use wireless Spread the technology connection, thus avoiding the disassembly of the car interior, and it is very convenient to install.

    Therefore, as far as the current wireless technology is concerned, the data transmission is not technically difficult, and the transmission distance in the car is relatively short, usually, it is not much different from wired products.

    However, because the wireless?parking sensor??uses signal technology, it will face interference from mobile phone signals and radio radio and other wireless electronic equipment, which will affect its function. Therefore, the wireless?parking sensor??has not been vigorously developed in the market, and car owners are buying Wired?parking sensor??is still the first choice , so wired parking sensor??is still the mainstream in the Chinese market.


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    Post time: Oct-25-2021

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