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        LCD display parking sensor


        LCD display parking sensor is supplementary safety equipment specially designed for car reversing. There is unsafe hidden peril when reversing because of blind zone behind car. After you install parking sensor, when reversing, the radar will display the distance of obstacles on the LCD, Voice alert for obstacle distance. The driver can look the display, while listening to the voice reading the distance. So that it is more relax and safety while reversing.


        Voice function, reversing without looking at display screen.

        Adjustable voice control, with mute function

        No-ground detecting technology: the ultrasonic beam is of excellent flat shape, see Picture 2.The obstacle lower than? ? ?1cm can not be detected so that it works very stably.

        Unique ultrasonic resistance function can filter environmental ultrasonic wave effectively.

        Sensor sensitivity is up to customer’s choice

        All plugs are sealed in the mainframe; dustproof, damp proof and free from getting loose

        Using method:

        When reversing, the parking sensor will go to work automatically.

        Show nothing on the screen, when no obstacle behind the car. As the car goes near the obstacle, it will display the distance between the car and the obstacle,and voice alert for distance.

        Sliding switch behind the screen controls the volume.

        Taking the inertia consideration, it will show the distance with the extra 10cm (4inch).

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