• All the standard safety features for new cars as of 2022

    Advanced emergency braking (cars, vans)

    Alcohol interlock installation facilitation (cars, vans, trucks, buses)

    Drowsiness and attention detection (cars, vans, trucks, buses)

    Distraction recognition / prevention (cars, vans, trucks, buses)

    Event (accident) data recorder (cars, vans, trucks, buses)

    Emergency stop signal (cars, vans, trucks, buses)

    Full-width frontal occupant protection crash test – improved seatbelts (cars and vans)

    Head impact zone enlargement for pedestrians and cyclists -safety glass in case of crash (cars and vans)

    Intelligent speed assistance (cars, vans, trucks, buses)

    Lane keeping assist (cars, vans)

    Pole side impact occupant protection (cars, vans)

    Reversing camera or detection system (cars, vans, trucks, buses)

    Tire pressure monitoring system (vans, trucks, buses)

    Vulnerable road user detection and warning on front and side of vehicle (trucks and buses)

    Vulnerable road user improved direct vision from driver’s position (trucks and buses)

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