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        LED Front & Rear Parking Sensor System general use for DC 12V Cars

        Short Description:

        Model No: MP-227LED

        Technical Parameter:
        Working Voltage: 10.5-15.5V
        Buzzer Volume: ≥70dB
        Sensor Mounting Height: 0.5-0.7M
        Detection Range: 0.3-2M
        Working Temperature: -40℃~+85℃

        Product Detail

        Safety Just For You

        Product Tags


        1. Innovative design, artistic shape.
        2. Super bright digital LED display.
        3. Built in buzzer, four beeping sounds as a reminder.
        4. Anti-jamming technology, low error report.
        5. Human voice module optional
        6. 2/4/6/8 sensors are optional.


        Q1: What’s the price? Is the price fixed?
        A1: The price is negotiable. It can be changed according to your quantity or package.

        Q2: How can i get a sample before placing an order?
        A2: Sample fee and the air freight will be charged,and once you confirm the order,sample fee will be refund back to you.

        Q3: What’s the MOQ?
        A3: The minimum order quantity of each item is different, if the MOQ not meet to your requirement,please email to me,or chat with me.

        Q4: Can you customize it?
        A4: Welcome, you can send your own design of automotive product and logo,we can open new mold and print or emboss any logo for yours.

        Q5: Will you provide a warranty?
        A5: Yes, I year warranty.Any quality issue,we will deal with it immediately.

        Q6: How to pay?
        A6: Mostly TT.

        The trust of customers is fully cherished by Minpn. We serve customers with our full heart and soul. High-quality, advanced car safety electronic products with competitive price,best customer service. Customers will be absolutely satisfied when they get good product and service from Minpn.Our car safety electronic products are general use for all 4 wheel cars,so we supply our products to Toyota,Honda,Jeep,Nissan,KIA,VW… for aftermarket installation without any aftersale issue.

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