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        LED Display Car Parking Sensor 8 Rear Front View Reverse Backup Radar System Kit

        Short Description:

        Parking sensor system is supplementary safety equipment that is specially designed for car reversing.

        Product Detail

        Safety Just For You

        Product Tags

        How does the 8-sensor system work:
        While braking, all 4 front sensors will be active. While reversing, 2 front 4 rear sensors and LCD monitor will be active.
        Wires Connection:
        White–Foot brake wire
        Yellow–Reversing wire 12V
        Important Notice:
        -For safety reasons, while braking, only the sensors sense obstacles, the LCD monitor will be active.
        -Try to keep the sensors at the same level.
        -In order to avoid detecting the ground, please keep the sensor and the ground has a distance of 19.6~23.6 in (21.6 in suggested).
        -Please always keep the arrow (back of each sensor) up while installing.
        -The Control Box should be mounted on side of the car trunk.


        1. Rate Voltage: 12V
        2. Operating Voltage Range: 9~16V
        3. Rate Current:?≤110mA
        4. Detecting distance: 0.3 – 2m
        5. Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz
        6. Working Temperature: -30~70°C
        7. Display Working Temperature: -20~70°C


        1 x Main Control Box
        1 x LED Display
        1 x Power Cable
        1 x Hole Saw
        2 x Double Sided Adhesive Pad
        1 x User manual
        270-11 270-12
        alarm sound

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