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        Hot Selling High Sensitivity Solar Power TPMS for Car Tire Monitoring

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        • Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS), let the driver get the real-time tire pressure data, temperature data and status, always keeping an eye on your car&#39;s performance.
        • Solar powered design, no battery or electricity needed.
        • Support shows four wheels&#39; tire pressure and temperature simultaneously, high/low tire pressure alarm, high temperature alarm and air leakage condition alarm.
        • The real-time tire pressure data,visual and audible warning for abnormal pressure and temperature,very convenient and practical.
        • High-definition color screen display, easy to install.


        Receive the data from TPMS and display the corresponding datas on the screen.

        1.Working frequency:433.92MHZ
        2.Charging voltage:DC4.5~5.5V
        3.Working current<25mA
        4.Working temperature:-20℃~+75℃
        5.Display range(Temperature):-9℃~+99℃
        6.Display range(Tire pressure):0~3.1Bar0


        High performance High efficiency

        1). Working frequency: 433.92MHZ

        2). Working voltage: 2.4-3.4V

        3). Working temperature: -40~ 105 degrees

        4). Monitoring range (temperature) : -40 ~ +125 degrees

        5). Monitoring range (air pressure) : 0 ~ 3.5bar

        6). Working current (static) : < 1uA

        7). Working current (emission) : < 15mA

        8). Accuracy (temperature) : +/- 1 degree

        9). Accuracy (air pressure) : +/ -0.1 Bar

        10). Battery design life: >6 years/80,000kms


        Solar TPMS-1



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